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How does Puraclenz Photon® work?

Puraclenz Photon® uses our patented Recharge Cell® that generates an exceptionally high density of ozone-free ions that deactivate indoor mold spores, bacteria, and viruses in the air and on exposed surfaces.

The video below explains the Puraclenz Photon® process.


What does the Puraclenz Photon® models do?

The Puraclenz Photon® uses the patented PCO Recharge Cell® technology generating PCO ions in the air to reduces, deactivates, and kills viruses, bacteria, and mold spores in the air and on exposed surfaces.

What is PCO? How does PCO technology work?

Puraclenz Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) uses a light-powered chemical process to generate a continuous army of ions to proactively break down pollutants outside of the purifier – mid-air, and surfaces . It can get to those hard-to-reach places that other filtration technologies simply can’t. Conventional air purifiers have no impact on surface pollutants because they can’t be carried through the air and removed by filtration.

The patented PCO Recharge Cell® technology inside each Puraclenz purifier is uniquely designed with turbine-like fins and proprietary nanocoating to create a much higher density of ozone-free ions compared to other PCO products. 

Our science-backed technology is proven by third party laboratory tests, safety certifications and technology reports.

Do Puraclenz products replace chemical surface cleaners?

Puraclenz technology offers a safe, continuous, and efficient means of disinfecting indoor air and exposed surfaces. Puraclenz products do not replace normal cleaning or mold remediation. However, they do augment cleaning and mold remediation efforts. And, Puraclenz products offer the opportunity to use far fewer toxic chemicals. Puraclenz recommends keeping best practices for good sanitization.

How long does it take Puraclenz Photon® to clean the air?

The Photon® models are designed to operate continuously (24/7) to output PCO-generated ionization into your indoor space. It takes 48-72 hours to fully envelop the space. Your purifier works most efficiently in a sealed environment. Opening the windows can allow more pollutants to enter the air in your home, which means it will take longer to work.