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Puraclenz Photon® Placement Guide

Where should I place the Photon® in my home or business so it is most effective?

Selecting a location where your Puraclenz unit(s) will live is an important step in addressing the problems Puraclenz addresses.

Before choosing a location, keep in mind how the ions generated by our Puraclenz Photon® diffuse passively throughout indoor spaces. 

    • A good analogy is a small space heater. The purifying ions diffuse in a space like heat does. The farther you get from the Puraclenz Photon® , the lower the ion density (the lower the "heat").
    • Puraclenz Photon® ions can travel long distances and will travel away from your unit but they can be absorbed by materials that hold a charge as they move. Examples include synthetics (carpet, fabric on furniture), plastic items, ductwork, etc.
    • If you are using multiple Puraclenz Photon® purifiers, the diffusion of their ions can overlap. That is good! Plan on placing multiple units so their ions, and effects, will overlap.placement

Placement considerations:

Puraclenz ions cannot travel through walls or other solid surfaces. 

Anything that blocks the diffusion of ions will also block the effect of those ions. Examples include closed doors, walls, etc. Placing your purifier in the most central space in your home or business is ideal.

If you are using multiple Puraclenz units, the diffusion of their ions can overlap. That's good! Plan on placing multiple units so their ions, and effects, will overlap.

Puraclenz recommends that you place your Puraclenz unit on a counter, a tabletop, or a wall (mounting hardware included). 

Select either the most central location in your room that is practical or select overlapping locations (in the case of multiple units) that will focus the ions on the main problem areas in your home.

NOTE: Locations near open doors, windows, or ductwork intake can significantly decrease the effectiveness of your purifier.

Should I place my Photon® series on the floor?

Placing your Photon® air purifier on the floor is not recommended.

 Carpet static will attract some of the ions that should be in the air. Also, there tend to be more things on floors that obstruct the diffusion of ions. Floor placement can decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of your purifier.

Use your HVAC to your advantage

Place your Puraclenz unit near the outflow of your air registers rather than at an air intake. HVAC outflows can benefit your Puraclenz unit by helping move ions through the indoor space.

Closed doors severely impede the flow of Puraclenz ions.

Keep doors open as much as possible (overnight is acceptable) for optimal coverage.

Puraclenz technology is designed to operate 24/7.

 Please connect Puraclenz purifier to power outlet of 120V/60Hz voltage/frequency. 

Switched outlets, automatic timers, and other situations that may turn off the power supply to the Puraclenz unit are not recommended.

HEPA and Photon®

Regarding using our Photon® in conjunction with HEPA, we recommend it.  HEPA is able to filter out particles and dead pathogens, whereas the Photon® does not filter anything, just inactivate mold spores, bacteria, and viruses in your space.  We just recommend spacing them apart by several feet at least to keep the HEPA from sucking up a good amount of the ionization produced by our unit.

Where can I mount the Puraclenz Photon® on a wall?

Puraclenz recommends placing wall-mounted units between 6’-9’ off the floor. In spaces with ceilings over 12 feet, place your unit no higher than 9 feet off the floor.

Ions will break down with people in space. 

Ion levels will decrease during high-traffic times, but Puraclenz technology is designed to replenish ions more quickly than any other PCO product on the market. 

Constant high human occupation in an indoor space may require additional Puraclenz units to be installed.  

Areas with dramatic environmental changes can still be protected by Puraclenz technology.

In places where many people assemble at one time (i.e., churches, movie theaters, schools, etc.) there will be a drop in the amount of ionization when people enter and exit. However, the ionization will steadily rebound over time.  Puraclenz technology will also continually clean the space after everyone has left, ensuring the space is treated before people come in again.

Dehumidifiers and Photon®

For placement it is recommended to be kept 10'-20' apart.

For more safety information, please visit Puraclenz Photon® models : Owner's Manual and Quick Start Guide . Owner Manual on this page.