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Is Puraclenz Photon® safe?

What are the safety certifications for Puraclenz Photon®?

Do Puraclenz products emit ozone?

Puraclenz products are certified ozone free and pass UL2998 (Underwriters Laboratories Air Cleaner Standard for Zero Ozone Emissions). It does not emit ozone. Puraclenz products can be sold in California and pass CARB (California Air Regulation Board). Puraclenz products use a special shielded UV bulb that does not emit wavelengths below 250nm. Since ozone is created by light at 185nm, Puraclenz products do not emit ozone.


UL2998 - Zero Ozone Emissions Certification



Meets California ozone emissions limit: CARB certified

CARB (California Air Regulation Board)

Listed under EO#21-214, EO#21-430 and EO#21-561


Do Puraclenz products emit any UVC light outside the device?

Do Puraclenz products create VOC byproducts including formaldehyde?

The Puraclenz P3000 is proven by independent laboratory tests not to create VOC byproducts and ultrafine particles. The efficacy tests were conducted by injecting large quantities of volatile organic compounds formaldehyde, D-limonene, and toluene into the test chamber with a P3000 unit running inside. The results showed that Puraclenz had a negligible effect on the formation of VOC byproducts and ultrafine particles. Click here to view our VOC lab report.

What safety certifications do all Puraclenz Photon® models  have?

Puraclenz is certified safe to use.

EPA-logo-for-header-768x237All Puraclenz products are produced in an EPA-registered facility and comply with FIFRA requirements.



RoHS and California Proposition 65

Free from lead, mercury, cadmium, and phthalates.



ETL-US Listed conforming to UL507 safety standards

See UL507 Certificate


FCC compliance (CFR 47, FCC Part 15, Subpart B)