What is the difference between the Photon™ models?

Here you will learn the differences between Photon™ models and how those differences can affect which model(s) are the best for your situation.

How much space can each model fill with purifying ions?

Each of our Photon™ models uses our patented next-generation PCO technology. The model numbers signify the maximum coverage for each unit. Each coverage area was tested for optimal ion density in rooms with 10-foot ceilings that are typical of rooms in a home or commercial setting. Coverage is situational, depending on room layouts and contents. The ions generated by our PCO process cannot penetrate walls, doors, or windows.

  • The Photon™ 750 will cover 750 square feet (about the area of two 2-car garages)
  • The Photon™ 1500 will cover 1,500 square feet.
  • The Photon™ 3000 can be used in spaces up to 3,000 square feet (slightly larger than a tennis court).

WikiHow has some practical suggestions on how to visualize square feet in a home.

How much noise does the purifier make?

  • The Photon™ 750 has a decibel level of 42 +/- 2 dBA at 3ft., similar in sound to a light hum.
  • The Photon™ 1500 has a decibel level of 47dBA +/- 2 dBA at 3ft., 47 decibels is similar in sound to a running dishwasher/ white noise.
  • The Photon™ 3000 has a decibel level of 54dBA +/- 2   dBA at 3ft., 54 decibels is similar in sound to a running air conditioner. (Not intended for smaller occupied spaces where the high-pitched hum could be bothersome).

NOTE: The fan speed and internal air configuration are unique to each unit and are designed to allow each unit to cover the maximum square footage. As a result, fan speeds are not adjustable.

How do I know which model is best for me?

The ions our units produce diffuse passively throughout indoor spaces. This diffusion is affected by placement (our Placement Guide) building layout and building materials. The ions cannot travel through solid objects (walls, doors, floors, ceilings).

EXAMPLE: You will not get good coverage in a typical 2,2,500-square-foot home with a single Photon™ 3000, even though it covers up to 3,000 square feet. In this case, we recommend buying 2 or more Photon™ 750s and/or Photon™ 1500s that are placed in areas of greatest concern.

The Photon™ 750 is perfect for small spaces such as bedrooms, hotel rooms, treatment spaces, and offices up to 750 ft².

The Photon™ 1500 is perfect for medium-sized spaces such as open floor plan homes and conference rooms up to 1,500 ft².

The Photon™ 3000 is perfect for large spaces up to 3,000 ft².

NOTE: Due to the higher noise level of this model, we recommend placing it in areas where the added purifying power of this unit is needed, but background noise won't be problematic such as basements with mold problems, fitness centers, open floor plan offices, schools and assisted living facilities.